you go dennis K!!

Madam Speaker, I rise today in support of our nation’s wild horses and burros. These graceful and social wild animals have captured the hearts and minds of many Americans. They are stunning to watch as they roam free on public lands and remain an historical national treasure. It is imperative that we protect and ensure a viable future for them.

Ensuring a strong adoption program for wild horses and burros is one important step toward addressing the current ineffective, inhumane and expensive practices the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) has employed to manage the population. As such, I support this bill and will continue to work to ensure the success of the adoption program.

However, adoption alone will not offset the damage caused by the failed herd management practices of the BLM. Despite efforts to adopt out horses and burros, BLM has more than 30,000 wild horses in holding areas. In October 2008, the GAO released a report entitled “Effective Long-Term Options Needed to Manage Unadoptable Wild Horses.” This report affirms that BLM will continue to face budget shortfalls if long-term corrections to current management practices are not put in place. The bulk of these shortfalls are anticipated to result from the current management methods that round up wild horses and burros from Herd Management Areas (HMA) to long and short-term holding areas.

copied from viggo's perceval press site


happy happy day!!
birthday girl kisses and hugs to ya...
if i could post a picture it would be wolverine stepping out of his mountain top cabin...naked!

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so sad to hear about exene...
have been catching up on my sites now that the carpal tunnel is feeling better..(GO B-6!!)
exene has posted the results of her med tests and she is actually suffering from multiple sclerosis...(spelling??)
such a vibrant woman to be hit with this...
but she is still maintaining and will be putting out a new cd (solo) this fall AND going on tour with X...
hopefully her health will hold out for this tour..
wish i could give hugs to her and henry
if you are interested you can send a card, just go to her website www.exenecervenka.com and the address is posted..she loves mail, but DO NOT MENTION viggo.
not cool..
i have the pleasure of owning autographed copies of her books, she is an amazing artist and truely gifted, and her sense of humor is to die for

where do i start?

i have come to the conclusion that life is hell

well, thats not actually true, i realized that a long time ago, but lately, life has been ...HELL!
my son has been very trying, growing up is getting the best of him, and he is not accepting the change into preteens. he has turned ten and his body is changing and he has turned into the typical man... laying on the couch with his hands down his pants. he is fascinated with his unit and its driving me crazy. i do not want to embarass him, yet do i discourage? he isn't actually yanking the poor thing, just grabbing and keeping in contact. its driving me nuts, its not like its going anywheres but he feels the need of constant reassurance and keeps on checking.
then there is the whole man issue, i have met a few, young and old...and i am at a loss as to what to do with these creatures. being terrified of aids and other sexual bugs stops me dead cold in my tracks, but yet the feminine feelings are lingering....
getting old sucks, but why should it???
is this not supposed to be the times of my life
oh wait, forgot to mention the menopause that creeped up, and kicked me in the ass....periods from hell, night sweats, hot flashes, dare i go on..
i am currently dancing my ass off, well, at least that is my intent
exercising is supposed to make you feel good...so they say, but i would rather walk and dance than aerobics cuz the chest cannot handle any form of jumping unless it is padded down..they do increase in size with menopause, not much, just enough to piss you off and spend more money in boob control
my wish in life is to just be happy, live long enough to see my child develop and be in a comfortable place in his own life, and not have to worry about his welfare
and then there is the money issue..
i think i'll stop here.
hugs to all
p.s. if i have been silent lately..i guess you can see why

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Your Word is "Peace"

You see life as precious, and you wish everyone was safe, happy, and taken care of.
Social justice, human rights, and peace for all nations are all important to you.

While you can't stop war, you try to be as calm and compassionate as possible in your everyday life.
You promote harmony and cooperation. You're always willing to meet someone a little more than halfway.

you are forgiven love but it is not your fault

Message to citizens of Germany:
I have recently been doing interviews in an effort to promote the new Vicente Amorim movie "Good", a movie our film-making team is proud of, and in which I am proud play a German. It has come to my attention that, when I spoke about realising I had certain prejudices about Germans and their spoken language as I was preparing the role of the professor, 'Halder', it was not always reported that I admitted this in order to explain that playing the part had helped me get past these stupid prejudices of mine. There is always the risk that one's statements will be misconstrued when not reported in their entirety. If the partial reports of what I spoke about have in any way offended Germans or anyone else, I am very sorry. Hopefully, Germans and anyone else interested in this matter will avail themselves of the complete record.
Viggo Mortensen

i should send him a naughty letter written in german...
but my portuguese side would be jealous..
and then the whole american part of me would just end up sending nekid pics
dressed in nazi boots and gun holster
lets not forget the hat!!
full moon...what can i say!

"taken" from kayljay

needed a few inches...lol

Your Sexuality is Brazilian

The average Brazilian first has sex at age 16.
And the average number of partners is 15.
Brazilians spend 20 minutes on foreplay on average.
The typical Brazilian has sex two times a week.

portuguese power!!!